The Vortex Tube Effect


Thank you for your interest. Listed below are the main facts about the vortex tube effect:


  • Air is injected sideways in a tube; it gets very cold in the center and hot at periphery



  • This temperature separation is fully explained by the turbine equation of Euler.
  • This temperature separation can be achieved in a straight moving duct without any air rotation.
  • The vortex tube effect is a propulsion phenomenon.
  • This vortex effect can be achieved without any “tube”. That is, it can exist as a standalone vortex without surrounding walls.
  • A “vortex tube” can be of any size.
  • A “vortex tube” can have only cold outlet and no hot outlet. Then it will output cold air and rotational work.
  • The traditional vortex tube shown above is a rotorless turboexpander.

Vortex tubes are used for on-demand cooling of air. The images below show a typical commercially sold vortex tube.



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